'The Best Player of the Level' Rules

How to become 'The Best Player of the Level':

1. Download level.
2. Cross it.
(Fog of War - on, all settings - Map default, You can change only Your race).
3. Make screen shot on the score page, or make save at the and of level.
4. Send it to me. (Stea@hipokrates.am.lublin.pl)
5. If Your score is better then score on my page (or Your is first),
You became 'The Best Player of the Level'.
6. You have that title until someone doesn't beat Your score.
7. This title doesn't mean more that it means. You have only title and nothing more.
You can praise it to Your friends or other players.
8. Cheaters, lamers, etc. will not get this title.

Mail to: den@it64.com

Last update: 19 VII 1997

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